Early Development

Metro: The Outpost

Metro: The Outpost is a free-to-playmobile third-person shooter video game with action and survival game elements.

In this sequel of Metro video game franchise, the player will explore outdoor and indoor post-apocalyptic Kyiv locations searching for the valuable resources and the story answers alongside other players. This journey will combine player experience in a tense exploration, intense PvP action and supportive Co-Operative gameplay.

«Build your home, defeat enemies, find friends, and uncover the secrets of the post-apocalyptic world to protect the newly founded Outpost city.»

Target Audience: Mid-core action players, fans of online survival games, and Battle Royale enthusiasts.

When a global nuclear war suddenly started in 2013, Kyiv, as well as many other capital cities of the world, suffered severe destruction. The occasional lucky survivors were forced to live underground in metro stations to avoid radiation and menacing mutants.

Now, more than two decades have passed since the start of the war. Food, water, medical supplies, ammunition, and other essential resources become scarcer every day, while riots and illness occur more frequently.

Yet, new opportunities arise as the troubled underground society finds itself on the brink of collapse. As radiation levels in Kyiv and its surroundings have dropped low, the bravest and most capable survivors left the metro and established the Outpost on the surface.
Why so special?
  • Tense Exploration

    It is possible to get a lot of resources in locations, but they will be heavily contested by other players and AI monsters.

  • Clans

    Player can become a part of a clan and participate in endgame PvE as well as in a global battle between other clans for control over the regions of Kyiv city

  • Radioactive Seasons

    Every 2 months comes the Radioactive Storm, destroying all outdoor bases (90% of player`s storage), permanently changing some game locations and other content.