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Space Rogue workshop release and price cut

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Hey, captains! We’ve just released workshop feature for Space Rogue. The Workshop is a built-in event editor for the game. Using it anyone could construct small random events or a long and complex story-driven mission chains.

Here’s a quick video workshop overview:

In other news, we happy to announce a permanent 50% price cut for the Space Rogue! We hope this change will make our game even more attractive for those who want to scratch a good space adventure itch.

UGC is coming to the Space Rogue

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Supporting and implementing users’ ideas always was one of our main goals in Space Rogue developing. That’s why we’re finally adding an ability to create and publish user generated content. This feature is called “Workshop” and comes in form of built-in and easy to understand game editor.

You will be able to construct your own missions with original narrative, cheerful rewards and cruel penalties (or vice versa!). And if you don’t feel like creating stuff, you may install event packages made by other players and vary your walkthrough with cool new content.

We hope to release “Workshop” in the next few months. However, the date is not yet set. So, stay tuned for updates!

Space Rogue 1.1 Update

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Space Rogue 1.1 Update is released! That’s a short list of new features we’ve added in the game:

Captain’s Perks
Captain’s perks give permanent passive bonuses to a player. We designed them to support various in-game tactics and playstyles. For example, if missiles are your weapon of choice, you may take “Missile engineer” perk to drastically increase missile effectiveness.

New Playable Ship
We’ve designed an experimental G-shaped ship with cool-headed and ruthless robot crew. The ship is available after reaching level 11.

As always, there are numerous balance tweaks in the patch. Here are some highlights:
– New captain’s order: “Block the bay”
– Now there’s a chance of 2 space stations in a sector;
– Now you can’t receive damage during mining;
– Other numerous balance tweaks;
– Fixed a lot of bugs that caused crashes and other problems.

Let’s celebrate Cossacks return!

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Cossacks 3 is available to purchase on PC platform! Red Beat shares some of Cossacks’ glory too. All in-game Ukrainian units and building have been made by our 3D artists team.

Cossacks 3 was developed by GSC Game World, authors of the original 2001 Cossack game and highly praised S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise. With Cossacks 3 GSC Game World is promising 10,000 on-screen combatants, eight-player multiplayer, 12 nations and 70 different unit types. See the game in action in the trailer below.

Space Rogue is released!

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Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Space Rogue is finally released! You can buy Space Rogue on Steam or GOG.

Space Rogue has changed a lot since the start of Early Access. There is a short list of new features have been added to the game with more than 10 key updates:

– Global progression system — unlock new ships, missions, and other possibilities
– New ships — different vessels set up for different playstyles
– New stories — 4 different main missions where you can decide the fate of the galaxy
– Dynamic events — the galaxy is full of spaceships and monsters, floating or hunting luckless strangers
– Space news — global temporary events affecting the whole gameplay
– Terrible Magnapods and Crystallids — new types of enemies, unique battle gameplay for the genre
– Plenty of new weapons, cartridges, and drones to make the most powerful spaceship in the Universe

Of course, that’s not the end of the adventure for us. New gameplay features are in work already. And we’re monitoring your feedback for possible gameplay tweaks and changes.

A HUGE Space Rogue Early Access update

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We’ve recently updated early access version of Space Rogue with a ton of improvements and tweaks. However, there are three major features this update is really about.


New enemy type with unique combat patterns and abilities. There also new missions and events regarding crystallids available in the game now.

Extended crew management

Now you can manually distribute crew members’ stats during level-ups and even choose specializations. Specialization allows a crew member to more effectively operate specific ship systems.

Captain orders

Think of orders as of instant commands you may issue during the combat gameplay. As an example, “Vent bay” order removes oxygen from the targeted bay. A nasty surprise for enemy boarding party!

As always, this update also includes various bug fixes, UI reworks and gameplay tweaks. You may check the full patch notes here.