Space Rogue 1.1 Update

Posted by | September 30, 2016 | Blog | No Comments

Space Rogue 1.1 Update is released! That’s a short list of new features we’ve added in the game:

Captain’s Perks
Captain’s perks give permanent passive bonuses to a player. We designed them to support various in-game tactics and playstyles. For example, if missiles are your weapon of choice, you may take “Missile engineer” perk to drastically increase missile effectiveness.

New Playable Ship
We’ve designed an experimental G-shaped ship with cool-headed and ruthless robot crew. The ship is available after reaching level 11.

As always, there are numerous balance tweaks in the patch. Here are some highlights:
– New captain’s order: “Block the bay”
– Now there’s a chance of 2 space stations in a sector;
– Now you can’t receive damage during mining;
– Other numerous balance tweaks;
– Fixed a lot of bugs that caused crashes and other problems.