New playable ships and progression system for the Space Rogue

Posted by | February 27, 2016 | Blog | No Comments

We continue to update Space Rogue early access version with new features. From today players may choose between Human, Oaklana and Chax ships when starting a new game. Each ship is set up for a different play style, which you may try in two fully reworked main missions.

Important notice: new ships will unlock by reaching certain profile levels. And that’s where our new progression system comes in!

In Space Rogue a player will gain space points after every completed game and unlock new possibilities (as spaceships and story missions, for example). To gain points faster, a player could increase the difficulty using sandbox mode settings. For now a player can receive rewards up to profile level 7. New rewards will be added in further updates.

There are sandbox presets (Easy, Medium, Hard) added for your convenience. They are balanced for the best experience of your preference.